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  • Bon AppΓ©tit Tokyo

    Bon AppΓ©tit Tokyo

    Tokyo… One of my favorite crazy cities I keep coming back. There are many places to see/do in Tokyo, but today I wanna talk about what to EAT!!! I hope this will help for your future travels πŸ™‚ Here are the lists I absolutely recommend!   Reissure   If you come to this place, you […]

  • Winter Wonderland in Japan

    Winter Wonderland in Japan

    If you want to experience amazing winter scenery, you need to visit Takayama, Gifu.Β  Takayama is a city in Japan’s mountainous Gifu Prefecture.Β  It is about 5 hours away from Tokyo and 4 hours away from Osaka, but It is worth a visit!Β  There are two places you must go while you are around the […]

  • Kyoto Guide: Explore Gion

    Kyoto Guide: Explore Gion

    Kyoto is my absolute favorite city to explore in Japan.Β  There are about 800 shrines and 1,700 temples in Kyoto.Β  It is impossible to explore every single spot, so I picked the best way to fully enjoy Kyoto for you!Β  There are 2 things you have to do if you are planning to go to […]

  • Luxury in Japan: Minami-kan

    Luxury in Japan: Minami-kan

    Minami-kan, well known for this beautiful garden is a traditional hotel located in Shimane Prefecture. This ryokan has a 130 year history, and it is an absolutely beautiful place to stay.   Rooms There are 14 different kinds of rooms, and each room maintains Japanese tradition while incorporating the essence of modernity. We were welcomed […]

  • Luxury in Bali: Ayana Resort and Spa

    Luxury in Bali: Ayana Resort and Spa

      Everyone loves Bali. One of the great things about Bali is to stay at a beautiful villa and enjoy relaxing. Ayana Resort and Spa is a perfect place for you to relax, refresh, and have unforgettable experiences. We have never felt more welcome in any other inn or hotel we have stayed at and […]

  • Traditional Japanese Hotel: Yagyu-No-Sho

    Traditional Japanese Hotel: Yagyu-No-Sho

    When you think about Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto are easily on your mind to visit, but today I would like to introduce one of my favorite hotels, located in my hometown Shizuoka.Β  The hotel is called Yaghu-no-sho.   When we walked in, we were welcomed by their warm lights and Koi fish. Their welcome-drink was […]