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  • Winter in Japan: Why you should visit Shirakawago

    Winter in Japan: Why you should visit Shirakawago

    If you want to experience amazing winter scenery in Japan, you need to visit Shirakawago. Shirakawago is in Japan’s mountainous Gifu Prefecture. Gifu is located in the center of Japan, and it has many popular tourist attractions, bringing visitors from all over the world. Gifu is famous for its hot spring, historical streets, and UNESCO World […]

  • Tokyo Ultimate Guide

    Tokyo Ultimate Guide

    Here is my first Tokyo Ultimate Guide! As I grew up in Japan I visited Tokyo many times, but I fall in love with it more and more each time I visit.  If you want to know more about Tokyo, check out my guide here and here. Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and the world’s […]

  • Exciting Things to Do in Yangon, Myanmar

    Exciting Things to Do in Yangon, Myanmar

    Yangon is the former capital city of Myanmar, and it is one of Myanmar’s most busy and exciting cities.  But let’s be honest…how many people are actually interested in visiting Yangon? Maybe there are not many world famous things to do in Yangon, however there is no doubt you will fall in love with the city. […]

  • 7 Things to Do in Tokyo at Night

    7 Things to Do in Tokyo at Night

    By the time sun goes down, maybe you are tired from the hustle and bustle…but trust me, there are MANY things to do in Tokyo at night!  The places I picked are for eating, drinking, shopping, or simply just taking in the night views.  Whether you are jet-lagged or simply can’t sleep from excitement, I […]

  • 7 Instagram Worthy Cafes in Bali

    7 Instagram Worthy Cafes in Bali

    There are so many photogenic cafes in Bali, but I just picked the best 7 Instagram-worthy cafes in Bali for YOU!! Exploring cafe is one of my favorite things to do when I visit new country, and Bali is no exception. Food photography is one of the biggest trends in the country and more and […]

  • Nusa Penida Full Day Guide

    Nusa Penida Full Day Guide

    Most of you may have seen this beautiful place on Social Media, but Nusa Penida really is a paradise and you can’t miss here if you visit Bali!!! Nusa Penida will give you an experience and a chance to feel the purest nature.  There are crystal clear oceans, white sandy beaches, and many other beautiful […]

  • Bon Appétit Tokyo

    Bon Appétit Tokyo

    Reissure If you come to this place, you must try their 3D latte art!  You need to pay extra for the 3D latte art (I had a cup of cappuccino (650yen) + 3D latte art (additional 500yen)), but it is definitely worth it.  If you want customized latte art, be prepared to show a picture […]

  • Winter Wonderland in Japan

    Winter Wonderland in Japan

    If you want to experience amazing winter scenery, you need to visit Takayama, Gifu.  Takayama is a city in Japan’s mountainous Gifu Prefecture.  It is about 5 hours away from Tokyo and 4 hours away from Osaka, but It is worth a visit!  There are two places you must go while you are around the […]

  • Kyoto Guide: Explore Gion

    Kyoto Guide: Explore Gion

    Kyoto is my absolute favorite city to explore in Japan.  There are about 800 shrines and 1,700 temples in Kyoto.  It is impossible to explore every single spot, so I pic ked the best way to fully enjoy Kyoto for you!  There are 2 things you have to do if you are planning to go […]

  • Luxury in Japan: Minami-kan

    Luxury in Japan: Minami-kan

    Minami-kan, well known for this beautiful garden is a traditional hotel located in Shimane Prefecture. This ryokan has a 130 year history, and it is an absolutely beautiful place to stay.   Rooms There are 14 different kinds of rooms, and each room maintains Japanese tradition while incorporating the essence of modernity. We were welcomed […]